Date :  2014

Location :  İstanbul / Türkiye

Employer :  Bema Inşaat

Construction Area :  280.000 m²

Being a residential development in Bayrampaþa, the project site was particularly interesting given the fact that it allowed for stunning views of the city, not only towards the east where one can see the old part
of Istanbul, but also towards the south, where the Marmara sea along with the historical islands account for a one of a kind scenery. This position and the opportunities it
presented dictated the arrangement of the building, as well as their shape and the relationship they would have with each other.

The land of the development is triangular and therefore triangular blocks were created in order to not only accommodate the maximum amount of residential space but to also
allow for a single, central green space and public area on the ground level. In order to create unobstructed views and at the same time maximise the green elements in the development,
the corners of the building became balconies with trees so as to allow these stunning city and sea views to be available to all the residents independently of which block they decide
to live in. As a by-product of this decision, the mass effect of those blocks was also reduced.

After accommodating the blocks, green space became the main priority, so satisfying green areas with an interesting variety and the potential to become a serene meeting point for
the residents were crucial. That way, residents of Hayat Tepe could enjoy all the luxury amenities it provides in a peaceful green setting, and this, combined with the very special
location, result in an enviable kind of living.