Project :  SKYLAND

Date :  2014

Location :  Istanbul / Türkiye

Employer :  Eroglu

Construction Area :  710.500 m²

Izmir Megapol was a great opportunity for experimentation. The client required a mix-use project, so this raised the question about the very meaning of such a requirement.
The translation of this need took the form of creating a condensed city texture, an abstract distilled sense of a city. The masses and the facades at the base of this development
became a scene for considerable debate because of the variety of city images and impressions. The resulting form is a product of extensive analysis of the city of Izmir, matched with
the contemporary needs of the residences.
The residential towers that rise from the mix-use base have been planned to be completed in the highest standards of safety as well as comfort and when combined with the rest of
the project one can better understand not only a logical arrangement of space but also the present and the future direction of the city.


Skyland is a mixed use project conceptually designed by Broadway Malyan Architecture. Consisting of hotel, Office and residential blocks, the project mainly deals with the organization of different concept and functions. The 700.000 m² closed area is carefully designed for best mixed use solutions. The welcoming base unit offers a new style of street shopping concept while the three towers meet the high standards of safety and comfort requirements of their users succesfully. The high rise blocks that ascends from the mixed use base are just like the proof of high technology façade engineering and architectural design.