Location :  İstanbul / Türkiye

Employer :  Özak Gayrimenkul

Construction Area :  82.000 m²

Hayat Tepe Özak GYO housing project is located in Bayrampaşa district on a parcel adjacent to settlements with intensive public use. The project area has a view of the city and the sea to the south at high elevations, the Golden Horn to the east and Galata to the east, and the historical peninsula and the Bosphorus to the southeast. For this reason, the layout and angles of the residential blocks were planned in a way that they would not interfere with the view of the other. The project, which has a form close to a right triangle, has 3 housing blocks, each of which has a triangular form, placed in 3 corners of the land. Thanks to the triangular design of the blocks, floor gardens ending with spaces were arranged at the corners, which contributed to the reduction of the mass effect of the blocks. This design decision is also supported by the horizontal bands created with the balconies that continue to the middle of the facade on each floor. It is aimed that the horizontal bands give an elegant silhouette when viewed from a distance on the Self-scale, and when approached to the blocks, they approach the human scale as much as possible thanks to their permeable structure, and a visual continuity in the landscape areas and on the pedestrian scale.