Location :  İstanbul / Türkiye

Employer :  Sinpaş GYO

Construction Area :  140.000 m²

Bomonti Time is a prestigious development located in the city centre of Istanbul. It features a unusual form for the city, organic and at the same time
The main design criterias for this project were the effects that it would have with respect to its environment, namely the connection with the tunnel nearby
the site and the effect it would have on the city's skyline.
The land posed many questions and physical challenges that had to be overcome, and so after careful analysis we decided to place the building on the lowest
levels of the site. In spite of the physical challenges, we arrived at 48 floors and we decided to take full advantage of this feature by placing home offices on the
first 8 floors and placing the residences on the floors above them. In total, we created 554 housing units.
The organic form resulted not only from the need of establishing a prominence in the city but also from the need of creating captivating city views for the
The last 10 floors of the building are joined into one mass that features VIP houses, penthouses and a gentlemen's club with a one-of-a-kind view of Istanbul.
Furthermore, in our effort to integrate nature into our design we introduced interior gardens every 8 floors.
A smart parking system and well-developed automation systems complete this stunning proposal.