Project :  CADDE

Location :  İstanbul / Türkiye

Employer :  Dumankaya

Construction Area :  25.000 m²

Cadde is project located precisely at the heart of Kurtkoy, a special place, in the sense that it has been witness to a great deal of developments
and value appreciation in recent years.
This project managed to become the centre of Kurtkoy.
It sits on a 13.023 square meter piece of land and it is located at a focal point where 3 avenues intersect.
The project is comprised of three, 10 floor high blocks and it consists of 303 residences as well as a number of home offices and 49 shopping units.
While two of these are residential, one of the blocks was reserved for the accommodation of the home offices.
There is a wide variety of shopping units and eateries at the mezzanine level overlooking the inner courtyard of the complex.
Cadde is an exclusive project where 2 and 3 bedroom flats were introduced together with the home offices and the shopping units.
Interestingly, the houses overlooking the terrace have been developed with a villa concept in mind.