Location :  İstanbul / Türkiye

Employer :  Dumankaya

Construction Area :  151.000 m²

In the design of Ikon, our aim was to not only question the quality of life in our times, but to also challenge the relationship between changing
technologies and what that means for the buildings in a city.
In Ikon, you can notice how we combined 3 eliptic towers into one single building. The design was also inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon.
A testiment to that are the
gardens and green spaces which can be found on some of the high floors of the building. That is why the word 'Ikon' is a very suitable name to represent the iconic nature of
the proposal but also the uniqueness of the design due to the particular design elements that were implemented.
In brief, the Ikon project is an investigation about the quality of life in the city and about what is envisaged for the future.
The project site was a deciding factor of the form of the building, but also its proportions. Trying to make use of Ikon's delicate form was a challenge,
when trying to acommodate small flats into its curved shape.
Lastly, Ikon is special in its own right not just for the design but also because we implemented some of the best construction reinforcement techniques available in order to make it completely
earthquake-proof and fire-resistant.

Ikon is finalist of Emporis Skyscraper Award in 2012