Project :  I TOWER

Location :  İstanbul / Türkiye

Employer :  Fer Yapı

Construction Area :  41.000 m²

The building is located in Sisli, a district that has been one of the oldest centers of Istanbul city. I-tower covers the expactations and necessities of individuals and institutions in proffesional life. Rather than designing a single building containing different floors and layout, this project
is a system design which has floors are working in an integrated way with different functions. All users in private offices can meet their physical and daily necessities
within the building such as meeting rooms, gentlemen's club, fitness center,etc. On the facade, horizantal components provide effective daylight usage and sunshade. By self-directed office based HVAC systems, administrative and
financial problems are decreased to minimum. These factors are providing free and comfortable office spaces.
Perception of the building from outside changes in every different point of view. Each floor has a different layout, forming sliding edges on the corners.
This diynamic design enables surprisingly various perspectives from different angles.