Location :  İstanbul / Türkiye

Employer :  Türk Telekom

Construction Area :  275.000 m²

The Turk Telekom General Head Office Building is designed for an international invitation-only competition. It is located on Acýbadem Street, a strong trade axis in the heart
of the city.
The region is a crucial nerve of the city, since a number of public transportation links and a thriving trade centre can be found there. It was very important to help not only further
establish but to also enhance these aspects. Not only that, but the area enjoys great education, healthcare facilities and a good relationship with nature. These aspects were taken into
account in the design proposal, which translates the contradiction between the forms of the city and those of nature into its form. We believe that we created a diversity with
these constrasting spatial and formal contexts. One can notice how the external facade is reflecting the urban context and expresses functions through transparency when at the same
time the internal facade is composed of curvilinear green terraces. The ascending shattering mass provides efficient daylight usage and air circulation, while the high-tech system usage
on the structure and the facades adds to the aesthetics and to the monumental value. About the implementation of these technologies, the emphasis is of course on the strong leading
position of the company in the telecommunication industry.