Location :  Gaziantep / Türkiye


Construction Area :  260.000 m²

Gaziantep is one of the most developed cities of the south-east of Turkey. with its dynamic industry it became a center of attraction for both investors and laboring population.
Iconova containing 7 residential towers, trade units and social spaces, doesn't reflect an ordinary design approach. Being the first and only high-rise building of the city it innovates
its surrounding offering a new way of life considering the local requirements of local daily life at the same time.

On closer inspection to ithe city's culture and manners of daily life, families enjoy living together and prefer to reflect this life style to their comfortable, spacious living spaces.
By using these local potentials, Iconova is a project which adds values to its environment and as well symbolises an environmentally-conscious attraction center.

The form of the complex derives from continious curves, benefiting from south facades and well-designed landscape view of living units. This form builds up a strong connection between the towers
as well as it brings a dynamic silhouette to Gaziantep city. Sport facilites and landscape elements are mainly designed behind the trade center to create a transilion between commercial and the residential area.