Project :  OFISHANE

Location :  İstanbul / Türkiye

Employer :  Eroğlu İnşaat

Construction Area :  56.000 m²

Ofishane is located in Kagithane, an area where additional office and commercial space was greatly needed.
The idea for this building has been shaped around the store and the office areas, which need to be active at the same time without interrupting one another.
The structure as well as the service areas of the store and the orientation of the office have been evaluated separately and were combined for a common solution
during the design phase.
The design includes a garden on every floor, allowing the workers to enjoy breaks without having to travel to other floors or leave the building.
In order to secure sunlight control, sunshade systems have been integrated into the facades, providing not only a second surface in the facade but also a path for
surface cleaning.